FAQ - Weed Abatement

Frequently Asked Questions

“What do I do if I am not the owner of the property listed on the Notice?”

If you received an Initial/Final Notice and you do not own the property listed, please contact the Banning Code Enforcement Division at 951-849-1047.  Any new owner information is appreciated.  Property owner information is provided to the City by the Riverside County Assessor’s Office and notices are sent to the Owner of Record listed on the last county assessment roll.  To change or verify property owner information, contact the Riverside County Assessor’s Office at 951-955-6200.

“My parcel is too wet to cut, and my tractor gets stuck in the mud.  What can I do?”

Although it may be a preferred method by some property owners, the use of a tractor is not the only method available to abate a parcel.  Even when a tractor is used, it often cannot be used to abate the entire parcel (handwork is needed around the perimeter of the parcel in addition to the tractor work).  If a parcel is too wet for a tractor to operate, it is still the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the parcel; perhaps a tractor is not the most appropriate tool to use.  As an example, there are many parcels in the City that are too steep to allow the use of a tractor, but the property owners still have the responsibility to maintain their parcels, and most of them do maintain their parcels. 

“I cut my weeds before the deadline and my property is clean, so why did I still receive a Notice?”

Property owners must maintain their property throughout the year.  If a property is cut prior to the deadline, and the growth returns prior to an inspection, then the property can be found in violation.  Property owners should inspect their properties on a regular basis to check for regrowth, or any new problems, such as dead trees, or items dumped on the property without permission. 

“I cleared my property earlier in the year, but it rained and grew back.  Do I have to clean the property again?”

Yes.  In the City of Banning, weed abatement is not a one-time event.  A second disc or mowing may be necessary, for tumble weeds at the end of summer; it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain abatement throughout the year and especially during Fire Season (Typically from April through November).    

“I want to abate the weeds on my property, but who can I hire for this type of work?”

Although Code Enforcement and the Fire Department cannot specify or recommend any particular contractor, check the contractor list on the web page for local contractors.  This list is made available to the public as a resource.  Make sure your contractor knows they must clear the property of all debris and clear the weeds from the fence lines all the way to the street.  Have your contractor email you date stamped before and after pictures of their work.  These pictures can also be forwarded to code enforcement. 

“When will my property be inspected?”

The first notices were mailed to property owners at the beginning of March.  Inspections for compliance begin May 1st; there is no pre-set schedule for the inspection of any parcel.  

 “I never received a Notice to clear the weeds on my property; can I still be fined and penalized?”

Yes.  Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility as the property owner to maintain your property at all times.  

“There is debris and garbage on my property; and I didn't put it there – why am I responsible?”

If you are the property owner, then you are exclusively responsible for maintaining the condition of that property.

“How much will it cost to have the City clear my property?”

The City’s cost to clear a parcel will be extremely high compared to what the cost would be by hiring a private contractor.  The price for City abatements are set by a contract agreement and may include fines and administration fees. 

“How do I cut vegetation on hillsides when it exists to prevent erosion?”

Vegetation on hillsides or steep slopes will normally require hand work.  Use any cutting or trimming method which leaves the root structure intact.

“Can I burn cut vegetation?”

No.  Open burning for fire clearance is not allowed by the Air Quality Management District or the fire department. 

“Who do I call to report overgrown vegetation? 

You can report overgrown vegetation on the City of Banning Request Tracker web-site http://www.ci.banning.ca.us/RequestTracker.aspx select Weed Abatement issues. 

“Who is responsible for weeds in easements and alleys?”

           Property owners must maintain the easements and alleys bordering a residence.  

“What do I do if I have started to clear my parcel but the work will not be completed by the deadline?”

           Please contact code enforcement immediately with a date when the parcel will be            finished.

“What will happen if I choose not to clear the violation from my property?”

Your property could be subject to fines, abatement, and liens placed on the Riverside County tax roll. 

“What if my property is in Escrow?” 

You are still legally responsible to comply with all local ordinances. Contact Code Enforcement with your updated information.