Code Enforcement

This division is responsible for code compliance and code enforcement within the City. Code Compliance Officers work to ensure that properties and structures within the City comply with all municipal, zoning, housing, and building codes.

Contact information for Code Enforcement

Phone: 951-922-4821

Fax: 951-846-8618


What is Code Compliance?


Code Compliance Officers are available for neighborhood and business associations, residents and tenants concerns. They also assist with the understanding of City codes and issues related to quality of life, zoning, and building.

Health & Safety:

The health and safety of our community is a concern for all residents and businesses. Therefore, the City standard is to assure that all properties are safe. Safety issues of concern:

  • Substandard, vacant buildings, and abatement of dangerous buildings
  • Pools, electrical, sewer, gas, water and trash
  • Substandard/haphazard construction on fences, sheds, and houses
  • Unsafe and illegal rental units and conversions
  • Visual obstructions on private property for traffic and pedestrian ways

Property Maintenance and Appearance:

The economic welfare, residential attractiveness, and community character of Banning are attributable to its unique aesthetic features and setting. The City finds it necessary to safeguard our appearance by encouraging residents and businesses to work towards improving our quality of life.

Examples of violations:

  • Cars on lawns, non-operational cars on private property
  • Trash, abandoned appliances, green waste, and junk
  • Lack of landscape maintenance, peeling paint, dead and overgrown plants and trees
  • Illegal storage of recreational vehicles, boats, and trailers

Commercial Areas:

The aesthetic features and the promotion of local businesses within our commercial corridors are important to the City. To encourage this, the City has developed an Architectural Review process to encourage a more appealing look for our City. Violations of City code may Include:

  • Signs for businesses
  • Landscape, design, paint, and lighting,
  • Outdoor merchandise


The City has developed land use zones throughout the City to require proper use of the land and to ensure a good neighbor approach in allowing for the enhancement of the community. Further, it encourages proper development and will allow for the compatibility of uses and community needs. Some areas affected by the Zoning Ordinance:

  • Land use permits and designations
  • Setbacks
  • Legal and illegal businesses
  • Parking
  • Development and zoning requirements

Enforcement Options:

If a code violation occurs, the following are options Code Compliance Officers may use to ensure compliance:

  • Notice of violations
  • Correction notices
  • Inspection notices
  • Notice and order
  • Summary abatement
  • Citations
  • Inspection and abatement warrants
  • Warnings
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