Riverside County Economic Profile

The Riverside County Economic Development Agency compiles a variety of reports on the demographics of Riverside County and its cities and communities to help businesses and public agencies plan for the future and make educated decisions regarding growth and investment. Demographic indicators explain the characteristics of human populations and population segments, and are especially helpful when used to identify consumer markets. This information can be beneficial to businesses and governments in defining the demand or need for specific products and services in the area.

To this end, Riverside County provides reports on labor, housing, taxable sales, the consumer price index, and population. It also provides reports on individual cities in the County including Banning. These individual reports include information on economic growth and trends, climate, transportation, industrial sites, public service, infrastructure, utilities, government facilities, tax and insurance rates, the local labor market, characteristics of the labor force, manufacturing employment, non-manufacturing employment, community facilities, and housing availability and price.