Property & Evidence

The property section of the Banning Police Department is responsible for maintaining custody of all evidence and property that is booked at the station by officers. A computerized tracking program assists the property officers in managing the property inventory and chain of custody. Property officers must be able to locate the smallest piece of evidence out of thousands stored in the property room when the evidence is needed in court.

Some of the property that is kept in custody includes narcotics and weapons seized in the field by officers, jewelry and other personal items that have been found on suspects and may have been taken in burglaries or robberies, store video surveillance tapes of crimes in progress, recovered bicycles etc.

Access to the property room is restricted to authorized personnel only in order to maintain the integrity of the property and evidence stored.

Property is released by appointment only. To make an appointment or for questions regarding property or evidence retained by the Banning Police Department please contact the Property Officer at (951) 849-1127.

Property seized by the Police Department, is under the protection of the Police Department. It is your responsibility to contact the Property Officer as soon as possible if you wish to claim your property.