Does the City require a business license?
All persons, firms and corporations doing business within the city limits of the City of Banning are required to possess a City of Banning Business Tax Certificate. This includes all retail and wholesale establishments engaged in sales and services, contractors, itinerant vendors, solicitors, professional people, carnivals, shows, etc.

In order to obtain a Business Tax Certificate, you must first complete the applicable Business Tax Certificate Form(s) and remit the appropriate fee. Upon receipt of the completed form(s) and fee, you will be scheduled for any required inspections. The required form(s) can be obtained online, or are available from the City of Banning Finance Department located at 99 E. Ramsey Street.

When completing your application, you must provide the following information (where applicable): State sales tax permit number, fictitious business name statement, federal employer identification number, State employer identification number and a description of the business.

Determine which form(s) are applicable to your business: Business Tax Certificate Forms

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