Tips To Save Time and Money.
Consult with City Staff early. Retain the service of a competent, professional design team. Define who will be responsible for the overall coordination of your project and serve as the contact person with City Staff. If the project is publicly sensitive ( i.e., infill project or higher density than surrounding area) meet with neighbors early to receive their input.

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1. Tips To Save Time and Money.
2. What is a CUP ?
3. What is a Development Code / Ordinance Code/ Municipal Code?
4. What is a General Plan?
5. What is a Negative Declaration?
6. What is a Parcel Map?
7. What is a Resolution?
8. What is a Setback? How do I know what my setbacks are?
9. What is a Subdivision?
10. What is a Tract Map?
11. What is a Variance?
12. What is an EIR?
13. What is an Ordinance?
14. What is CEQA?
15. What is Zoning?