What are the different ways to pay my utility bill?

There are currently five methods available for utility payments. 1) City of Banning website: This is the fastest payment method! Payments made through the website post immediately. 2) Drive-up drop box: Payments may be placed in the drive-up drop box located in the Banning Police Station parking lot off of Hays Street. Drop Box payments are collected and posted at 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. 3) Mail: Payments can be mailed using the return envelope provided with the monthly bill. 4) In Person: Payments can also be made in person at City Hall in the Utility Billing Department. 5) Online Banking: Payments may be made through a customer’s online banking service. Please be aware these payments can take 7-10 business days to post to a customer’s account as the bank actually mails a check to the City. *Please note phone payments are not available at this time*

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