Department Programs


Chap_hotshotsThe main focus of the chaplain program is to minister to departmental personnel of the Banning Police Department and their families. 

The Chaplain Program also aids officers in helping citizens and their families who have been victims of crimes, deal with emotionally stressful situations. The training and expertise of the Chaplain has also been beneficial in conducting death notifications and consoling surviving family members who have lost loved ones. 



If interested in applying for the position of citizen volunteer
please visit the City of Banning Human Resources Department
and pick up an application or call 951-922-3170. An application
can also be obtained at the Banning Police Department
125 E. Ramsey, Banning, CA.

Some of the ways Citizen Volunteers assist are:

· Conduct patrol and surveillance in assigned areas
· Report suspicious activity or criminal activity to the police Dispatcher
· Monitor city parks
· Work crime prevention events
· Work at the police station desk and man sub-stations
· Work traffic control whenever needed
· Assist with crime scene management
· Photograph graffiti

Citizen Volunteer Patrol Requirements

· Must be at least 21 years old
· May not have any serious criminal history
· Successful completion of oral interview
· Successful completion of personal background check & fingerprinting
· Must reside, work, or have a strong personal interest in Banning
· Must have a valid California Driver's License or Identification Card
· Must be physically able to complete all assigned tasks
· Must attend monthly meetings
· Must volunteer a minimum of 16 hours each month
· Must comply with City and Police Department guidelines and policies
· Must complete all training classes.

Citizen Volunteer Patrol Duties (not limited to)

· Conduct citywide patrols
· Look for handicapped parking violations
· Assist with traffic control at accidents and special events
· Report blight and graffiti
· Conduct vacation checks
· Assist with crime prevention programs
· Transport personnel and equipment