Mandatory Recycling Requirements

Commercial (Business) and Multi-Family Recycling Requirements- Assembly Bill 341

Assembly Bill 341 mandates businesses generating four (4) cubic yards or more of waste per week and multi-family dwellings with five (5) or more units to recycle.  All businesses and multi-family properties; however, are encouraged to take advantage of recycling programs. 

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Mandatory Organics Waste Recycling

Commercial (Business) and Multi-Family Organics Recycling Requirements-Assembly Bill 1826

In April of 2016, AB 1826 California’s Mandatory Organic Waste Recycling Law, required businesses and multi-family properties that generate 8 cubic yards of organic waste to arrange for organic waste recycling services.  Effective January 2017, this requirement extended to businesses and multi-family properties that generate 4 cubic yards of organics waste. A summary of dates and future waste generation thresholds mandating the implementation of recycling programs is provided below

Year    Cubic Yards Generated Weekly
2016     8 (organic waste)
2017     4 (organic waste)
2019    4 (commercial solid waste, regardless of amount of organic waste)
2020    2 (commercial solid waste, if state does not meet goal) 

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AB1826 Banning