Generation Resources

Power Generation Resources

The City of Banning owns a variety of power generation resources to provide the electricity required to meet the demands of its customers. This includes power from:

  • Geothermal generation resources (8 MW)
  • Biowaste (5 MW)
  • Solar (8 MW)
  • Nuclear (2 MW)
  • Hydro (2 MW)

Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS)

The City adopted a Renewables Portfolio Standard (“RPS”) in March 2004, where it committed to obtain 20% of its electricity requirements from renewable resources by December 31, 2017. In June of 2007 the City re-evaluated its RPS and increased its commitment from 20 to 33% by December 31, 2020. In December of 2015 the City updated its RPS to expand its commitment to 50% by 2030, in order to comply with Senate Bill 350. The City has already reached this goal, being 54% renewable in 2021. The intent of the RPS is to:

  • Protect public health
  • Improve environmental quality
  • Create new employment opportunities
  • Promote stable electricity prices
  • Reduce reliance on imported fuels

Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

The City is required to submit a comprehensive Integrated Resource Plan (Minimum Investment Report) to the Western Area Power Association every 5 years, with annual updates.